Allergen Alert

Although we take care to store, separate, produce and package all products carefully, food promoted and sold on our website, on our shop and kitchen apps, social media, newsletters, internal and external advertising, instore signage, and on our café menu have been stored and produced in a facility that contain allergens or bi-products of the following allergens; peanuts, nuts, tree nuts, lupin, sesame seeds, seeds, soybeans and soy products, egg, pollen and bee products, preservatives, gluten and cereal containing gluten, wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt, dairy, fish, crustacea and other allergens that may behave as allergens to certain people.

Where possible, we have tried to ensure that the storage, food handling, hygiene, cleaning and sanitation procedures are in place and followed by our team to avoid cross- contamination.  But, traces of allergens or gluten may unintentionally be present due to the transfer of allergen particles during operations.   Also, this may be the case for foods grown, produced, pre-packed or re-packed from our suppliers.  Unfortunately, these things are beyond our control as much as we try to minimize them.  

  • No allergen or nutritional information online should be considered a guarantee.
  • We, our staff, cannot guarantee 100% that our food is allergen or gluten free.


A note to Children and Parents:  Please take particular care when in our store & kitchen exposed to foods and or tasting products.

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