Home Delivery Details

We schedule all our home deliveries for Thursday Evenings.

Refrigerated delivery between 5-8pm.

Order by 11pm Tuesday.

Inner Zone delivery is $15.00, outer zone delivery is $20.00

(All deliveries include a $5.00 packing fee).

Delivery Zone, Inner Bendigo ($15.00)

Ascot, Bendigo, Bendigo South, California Gully, Eaglehawk, East Bendigo, Epsom, Flora Hill, Golden Gully, Golden Square, Ironbark, Jackass Flat, Kangaroo Flat, Kennington, Long Gully, North Bendigo, Quarry Hill, Spring Gully, Strathdale, West Bendigo, White Hills.

Delivery Zone, Outer Bendigo ($20.00)

Huntly, Junortoun, Lockwood, Lockwood South, Longlea, Maiden Gully, Mandurang, Mandurang South, Marong, Myers Flat, Sailors Gully, Sedgwick, Strathfieldsaye, Woodvale.


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